Partners in Education

Manitoba Education

  • Coordinate and oversee provincial-level planning in response to the suspension of in-class learning.
  • Facilitate K to 12 stakeholder communication and planning pertaining to issues, priorities, and implementation of pandemic response planning.
  • Resolve urgent matters and make recommendations regarding resource implications of response plans and opportunities for future system improvement. Some examples include expanding distance/online learning resources, establishing a parent/caregiver portal for engaging in education, and improving the Manitoba Professional Learning Environment (Maple).
  • Ensure accessible resources to support parents, as well as students who are at risk.

School Division and School Leaders

  • Participate in local and provincial planning.
  • While considering their local context, implement provincial expectations for teaching, learning, and assessment.
  • Review and reallocate resources as needed to facilitate teaching and learning (i.e., nonteaching staff, technology, online platforms, print-based materials).
  • Mobilize supports for students who are at risk.
  • Support school staff as they change and adapt to learning at home.
  • Ensure, to the greatest extent possible, that home-school communication continues with families.


  • Collaborate with school administration to implement the plans for teaching and learning.
  • Evaluate curricular outcomes that have not yet been covered and prioritize remaining outcomes based on what is manageable for students working from home.
  • Provide equitable learning opportunities for all students.
  • Work closely with families to implement learning opportunities that support grade-level outcomes.
  • Provide ongoing support for student learning, including support for families for learning at home.
  • Monitor and assess student learning.
  • Assign a final grade and identify future learning needs.


  • Support the teacher to ensure that learning continues.
  • Encourage students to continue their school learning plans at home.
  • Look for opportunities to promote learning within the context of daily life.
  • Maintain ongoing communication with teachers.


  • Establish daily routines for engaging in learning experiences.
  • Actively participate in learning and complete assigned work. Reflect on progress, set goals for learning and identify next steps.
  • Talk to parents and teachers about any concerns or difficulties.