Supporting Students, Parents, and Caregivers

Student Services provides support to students and their schools to assist with appropriate educational assessment, intervention, and programming. The Student Services team consists of social workers, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, educational psychologists, and speech language pathologists. Visit the Student Services section of our main website for more information.

Speech Pathologists

If your child is currently on the active speech caseload and you would like home programming materials to work on their speech sounds during the school closure period, please contact your school’s speech language pathologist.

Stacey Marcoux
Southwood, Landmark Elementary, Landmark Collegiate, S.R.S.S.

Anna Wilgosh
Blumenort, Woodlawn, Stonybrook Middle

Wendy Smook
Niverville Elementary, South Oaks, Green Valley

Elizabeth Grauer
Elmdale, Kleefeld, Clearspring Middle

Jamie DesJarlais
Mitchell Elementary, Mitchell Middle, Bothwell, Niverville Middle, Niverville High

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Student Services office. Call 204-326-9829 or email